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is an innovative service that provides services for opening and maintaining multi-signature crypto-custodial wallets.

You can find more information about the application on our resources:
H2K Bot
At the moment, technical support for the H2K service is a chat bot in Telegram based on GPT. In the future, the entire collected database of questions will be transferred to the neural network to build its own H2K support model.
ChatGPT-3,5 Turbo version
H2K Features
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    Cryptographic Third Party Signing

    Transactions in the wallet created in our application are confirmed by the Wallet Holder and third parties specified by the Owner.

    Confirmation takes place with cryptographic signatures. In this way, it is checked that the third party signed the transaction from the device that the owner specified when creating the wallet.

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    Creation of personal wallets

    Unlike exchanges, where users do not have a real address on the blockchain of the network and the funds are stored in a common wallet of their own, we do create real wallets for users, and they belong to them.

    From our side, requests to send a transaction are checked, after which it is sent to the network.

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    Double checking requests

    All messages from the application (transaction transfer requests) to the server are cryptographically signed.

    The server checks the request twice: the front part (what directly interacts with the application) and the server part (Black Box).

    If the front part is hacked, Black Box will still check the signatures.

    Because before sending the transaction to the network, Black Box checks the signatures of the signers and the owner of the wallet.

We strongly encourage our users to specify multiple signers for increased security. Adding multiple signers provides an extra layer of protection and greatly prevents unauthorized access to your funds. Remember that the identity of the signers must remain confidential and not be disclosed.

What is the

Black Box?

It is a control server that receives only the data it needs to create a wallet or send a transfer transaction to a blockchain network.
Black Box in the H2K
1 step
Sending a request
to transfer funds by the owner of the wallet
2 step
Getting request data
to Black Box through an intermediate gateway
3 step
Signing a transaction by authorized persons and receiving confirmation
in Black Box
4 step
Sending a payment
in the blockchain
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